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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 3/31/2017
Big predictions have been made for the size and scope of the future virtual reality (VR) market, to the extent that those who've been caught up in the hype of technologies past might already be preparing themselves for disappointment.
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 3/28/2017
As the popularity of the internet of things (IoT) grows exponentially, there's one question on the lips of every cyber enthusiast, expert and security expert out there: how will organisations, individuals and industries keep their networks secure?
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Cory Sorice, VP - Marketing, Connected Products & eCommerce, The Chamberlain Group, , 1/31/2017
Connected-home companies are going through transformational growing pains. Surprisingly, these growing pains aren't a result of home automation technical issues, but from a less likely source -- smartphone control. This process is a journey most durable-products companies will be forced to consider given the entry of Google, Amazon and Apple, one that ...
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Cees Links, General Manager - Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Qorvo, , 1/23/2017
The smart home market is in a period of flux in response to changing customer demands. Many market reports have established that customers do indeed want the advantages of smart home, but they are not all that interested in a collection of standalone connected things. Instead, they want smart services that address their needs and demands for a safer, ...
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Cory Sorice, VP - Marketing, Connected Products & eCommerce, The Chamberlain Group, , 1/16/2017
Apple just rolled out the most widely distributed home automation system the world has ever seen with its iOS 10 release, but did you even notice? Google is further maturing its Internet of Things platform and home automation protocol, but what does this mean for homeowners? Along the way, Amazon's Echo and Alexa has added millions of new customers this ...
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 1/10/2017
For years now, Internet of Things capability has been a prominent theme at CES -- arguably the world's most significant technology tradeshow.
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Cees Links, General Manager - Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Qorvo, , 1/6/2017
There is a lot of talk and publicity around the smart home regarding how cool it is, how it will change our lives for the better, how nothing will ever be the same again.
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IoT World News, , 12/31/2016
Chris McGugan - VP and General Manager at Sears Holding Corporation - describes the state of the Smart Home and where he thinks the battle to be the 'number one' Smart Home platform will take us.
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IoT World News, , 12/29/2016
Mounir Zok - Director of Technology & Innovation for the United States Olympic Committee - explains how the U.S. Olympic team is using wearable technology in preparation for Tokyo in 2020.
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