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In order to address the huge scope of the Internet of Things (IoT), KNect365 is creating a multi-sponsor online community that will help users to under¬stand and monetize the potentialities of IoT. IoT is neither a single technology nor a solution nor a single market. It is a domain in which numerous layered technologies and applications are applied in combination by humans leveraging different knowledge, expertise and wisdom to address distinct use cases. These span multiple industries delivering innovative solutions and applications that result in disruption and transformation of both historic and modern economic business models.

Although the technologies impacting the IoT are diverse, they are related. They include semiconductor; sensor and bio-sensing technologies; cloud and fog computing and IT dev ops; software defined networking and virtualization; cryptography and security; battery and drone technology; mobile, satellite and fixed communication; video; radar; Lidar and thermal imaging; virtual and augmented reality; and in-body, fabric-based and wearable technology.

The use cases can be common. For example, asset tracking, fleet management and supply chain logistics that can be applied across industries from aviation to manufacturing, and mining to healthcare. Or they can be clustered, such as smart parking, smart lighting, smart utilities and waste management within smart cities. There are also discrete use cases, such as smart buildings, connected car and public safety that develop independently but, at the same time, interface to and inter-operate within smart cities and smart transport infrastructures.

We are launching the community in response to demand from users, who urgently need help in understanding IoT – and creating business strategies around it. will provide that help by delivering the world's first truly comprehensive and independent online information resource, covering every IoT technology and market, as well as providing a moderated forum where customers can crowd source the answers to their business technology questions.

The community will create the same level and quality of engagement as our users enjoy at our world-leading in-person events, but will do so 24/7 and 365 days of the year, rather than for the two or three days when a show is running. The community uses huge amounts of independent, authoritative, user-generated content to create long-term engagement with our customers' customers. This content will come from editors, analysts, our sponsors/partners and, most importantly, the community itself.

IoT World News features a two-section navigation bar to better aid the community, allowing a clean and simple daily overview of IoT news and developments, while enabling interested parties to take a deeper dive into the specifications and technologies that underpin this diverse and evolving market.

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May 16-18, 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
1:00 p.m. EST

Identifying and solving the practical security challenges encountered by businesses embarking on an Internet of Things deployment.

Realizing your company's IoT vision starts with connecting and securing your infrastructure. IoT infrastructures require organizations to collect and transmit commands and data from devices, applications and people -- securing all of this is a sizeable challenge.

Our expert panelists will identify and solve the key issues that arise during this process, enabling a safe and steady beginning to your organization's IoT journey.

The webinar will cover:

  • Identity Issuance: Security at Scale
  • Identity Management: Authentication and Authorization
  • Identity and Data Security: Data Integrity and Granular Policy Definition

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to ensure that data is only accessed by authorized devices, applications and users in an IoT setting
  • Methods for transmitting data from devices in the field to value engines securely and efficiently
  • Best practice for implementing tried-and-trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguarding data flow across your company's entire infrastructure
  • How to create a holistic and protected IoT ecosystem for your company

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