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Keith Bruce, CEO & President, San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl Host Committee, , 3/14/2017
When I was hired as the CEO of Super Bowl 50 and the Bay Area Host Committee, I was presented with a number of requirements and obligations that the cities of San Francisco and Santa Clara had committed to as part of hosting Super Bowl 50. This was August 2013, a full two and a half years before our event played out at Levi's Stadium in February of 2016.
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Alexandra Rehak, Practice Head - IoT, Ovum, , 3/7/2017
One of the most important IoT developments in 2017 will be the first commercial deployments of new licensed-spectrum low-power wireless access (LPWA) technologies - NB-IoT and LTE-MTC-Cat M1 (LTE-M).
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Lee Bell, Contributor, IoT World News, , 2/16/2017
In recent years we've seen some of the globe's biggest and most reputable companies thrust into the spotlight as victims of large-scale security breaches.
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 2/14/2017
"The industrial internet of things is the IoT to watch" is a claim that's been made ever since the internet of things first became a coherent concept. It's a stance commonly adopted by the IoT's more serious participants - the ones who are less likely to be swayed by flashy devices and click-bait headlines.
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Randolph Wheatley, VP of Communications Solutions Marketing, Sensus, , 2/9/2017
If there's one pervasive characteristic among our nation's rural electric cooperatives, it's this: progress.
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Jessica Groopman, Independent Industry IoT & Blockchain Analyst, IoT World News, 1/30/2017
For organizations interested and investing in IoT, connecting devices are just the beginning. It's not just reliable connectivity and storage they need. It's not just a standardized communication model to process billions (perhaps trillions of) microtransactions between devices.
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 1/10/2017
For years now, Internet of Things capability has been a prominent theme at CES -- arguably the world's most significant technology tradeshow.
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James Anderson, Associate Editor, Channel Partners, , 1/2/2017
Xura says its recently-announced acquisition of two new companies will allow its customers to manage "exponential traffic growth" from Internet of Things and 5G applications.
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Edward Gately, Contributing Editor, Channel Partners Online, 12/27/2016
Mobile operator revenues from the Internet of Things (IoT) reached $11.56 billion in 2016, while a handful of operator groups will generate more than $1 billion each next year.
Posted by afwriter |  In reply to: Inside IBM Watson's Munich HQ: The World's Foremost Industrial IoT Playground
I love the idea of Watson and IoT, I think the two together are going to make big waves in our world.  

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Posted by DHagar |  In reply to: Inside IBM Watson's Munich HQ: The World's Foremost Industrial IoT Playground
@ms.akkineni, excellent - no wonder we see eye-to-eye.  IBM will do well if they keep applying appropriately.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017
12:00 p.m. EST

2017 has seen the size, scope and awareness of the internet of things continue to grow at considerable pace.

And while corporate latecomers hastily stitching together their first attempts at an IoT strategy, the market leaders are already planning for IoT's next step where artificial intelligence and data analytics meet to provide a new frontier of insights and opportunities.

Our panel of experts, selected from the Internet of Things World 2017 speaker line-up, will share their views on how enterprises and industries will be leveraging the next generation of IoT capabilities spanning machine learning, predictive analytics and more and what the outcomes will be.

The expertise of our speakers spans both the private and public sector, and the implications of IoT, analytics and AI for both enterprise and government will be covered.

Webinar attendees will discover:

  • What businesses & industries can expect to gain from advances in IoT, AI & analytics
  • Existing use cases for the application of AI & analytics in IoT across verticals
  • The companies to watch for next generation IoT & AI applications
  • What your business should be doing now in order to access these capabilities & benefits
  • How benefits & strategies for IoT & AI differ for the public & private sectors

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