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Design Challenges Faced by Today's IoT Medical Devices
News Analysis  
4/7/2017   31 comments
A new breed of connected medical devices that make personal healthcare easy and reliable come hand-in-hand with design challenges IoT product manufacturers will need to overcome.
IIC's New Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework & Why You Should Care
News Analysis  
4/4/2017   15 comments
The Industrial Internet Consortium's Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework went largely unnoticed, yet it holds a wealth of critical information for any company considering industrial internet implementations.
The 6 Leading Industries for IoT Deployment
News Analysis  
3/24/2017   46 comments
Profiling the six industries doing the most with IoT currently & where they're using it, as identified by IDC.
Mapping Your IoT Monetization Strategy for 2017
News Analysis  
3/22/2017   18 comments
The internet of things could ultimately drive a multi-trillion dollar impact on the global economy. But, in 2016, monetizing the IoT hasn’t always been straightforward.
The Construction Industry’s Future Efficiency is Reliant on IoT
News Analysis  
3/20/2017   8 comments
Bosch IoT head Eli Share explains why construction industry is primed to become the next big thing for IoT service providers & applications.
How Silicon Valley Brought IoT to Super Bowl 50
News Analysis  
3/14/2017   42 comments
CEO Keith Bruce describes how Silicon Valley's biggest players - including Uber, Apply, Visa and Facebook - collaborated to create the most technologically advanced Super Bowl in history.
How Supply Chains Innovate to Keep Pace in a Digitised World
News Analysis  
3/13/2017   16 comments
See how DHL and similar companies are transforming their supply chains to benefit the end-user, courtesy of the IoT.
2017 Will be the Year of LPWA
News Analysis  
3/7/2017   4 comments
One of the most important IoT developments in 2017 will be the first commercial deployments of new licensed-spectrum low-power wireless access technologies.
Edge Analytics: A New Frontier for the IoT
News Analysis  
3/3/2017   12 comments
Edge analytics is quickly chaining the model of how IoT functions, easing data overload by determining which information requires further action.
"Fitbits for Buildings" & Other Practical Use Cases for IoT Energy
News Analysis  
3/1/2017   26 comments
Innovate UK's lead IoT technologist Jonny Voon identifies energy use cases where IoT is being successfully applied, via better energy management and "fitbits for buildings".
IoT is Ready to Improve Healthcare for Patients & Practitioners
News Analysis  
2/23/2017   40 comments
From geolocation to data delivery, IoT is ready and waiting to make lives better for patients and practitioners in the healthcare industry.
Maximizing Returns on an Internet of Things Investment
News Analysis  
2/21/2017   14 comments
Covering the critical components required in an IoT service that will deliver consistently at enterprise level.
Bridging the IoT Reality Gap: Digital Solutions for Analog Problems
News Analysis  
2/20/2017   34 comments
In order to bridge this gap, it’s paramount to understand how the technology can address specific problems in vertical industries.
When Big Brands Are Hacked & Identities Stolen, How Can We Ensure Security at Enterprise Level?
News Analysis  
2/16/2017   75 comments
With some of the world's best known brands suffering large-scale hacks, what steps can companies take to keep their data secure?
Utilizing IoT for Smart Energy Management
News Analysis  
2/15/2017   21 comments
With IoT we can save money on our energy bills and protect the environment.
Bringing the IoT to Rural America
News Analysis  
2/9/2017   19 comments
Long-range radio networks and IoT are about to define the new age of rural electric cooperatives in the United States.
Security Challenges for Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things
News Analysis  
2/7/2017   18 comments
Bridging the chasm between IT and industrial operations’ security paradigms.
Where is the Internet of Things Headed in 2017?
News Analysis  
2/3/2017   14 comments
Taking a look at some of the trends that are anticipated to both boost and hamper IoT in its efforts to make "things" work better.
Security is the Missing Factor in Embedded Devices
News Analysis  
2/1/2017   20 comments
Specialized devices need specialized security -- and traditional solutions simply don’t cut it to keep industrial and critical embedded devices safe from attack.
Machine Learning is Essential for IoT Security, But Can't Do It Alone
News Analysis  
2/1/2017   10 comments
Machine learning has a critical place in protecting our future IoT devices but cannot answer for every security challenge.
The Value Chain is Evolving for Connected-Home Companies
News Analysis  
1/31/2017   9 comments
Connected-home companies are going through transformational growing pains from an unexpected source -- smartphone control. How should they adapt?
4 Key Ways Blockchain Could Enhance IoT Security
News Analysis  
1/30/2017   4 comments
Discover how blockchain is ready to be put into practice to improve device and network security in the IoT world.
Among the Latest Threats: Malicious Mobile Applications
News Analysis  
1/25/2017   29 comments
As IoT security increases as a concern, many in cybersecurity are warning that mobile security also needs attention, with 84% of security professionals very concerned about the threat of malware to mobile apps.
How Can Manufacturers Break into the Smart Home Market?
News Analysis  
1/23/2017   14 comments
The market for all-encompassing, easy-to-use smart home applications is steadily growing. Are enough manufacturers taking advantage?
Industries Are Now Taking Blockchain Seriously in Finance & Beyond
News Analysis  
1/18/2017   11 comments
Inititially viewed with suspicion by financial institutions, blockchain is now beginning to be taken seriously and has applications far beyond finance.
Key Trends to Watch as Homes Go From Stand-Alone to Connected
News Analysis  
1/16/2017   21 comments
The rise of smart home devices will affect consumers in products in ways you wouldn't expect - the days of "everything that works with everything" are coming to an end.
Connected Vending Machines Are Becoming a Tastier Prospect
News Analysis  
1/13/2017   37 comments
The number of connected vending machines globally will reach 3.6 million units by 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.7 percent, according to a new market report.
BeyondTrust Unveils Enterprise IoT Vulnerability Scanner
News Analysis  
1/12/2017   7 comments
Cybersecurity company BeyondTrust has introduced its new RIoT Scanner aimed at identifying devices that are susceptible to a compromise and could lead to an attack.
How Can IoT Actually Help Consumers? 3 Highly Valuable Smart Home Applications
News Analysis  
1/6/2017   37 comments
Taking a look at three examples that prove how smart home technology will transform the life of the consumer in the near future.
It's Past Time That Companies Planned for IoT's Impact
News Analysis  
1/4/2017   13 comments
The IoT will change everything. Every entrepreneur should already have been considering the implications – if you haven't, now's the time to start.
Xura Acquisitions to Boost Customer Traffic for 5G & IoT
News Analysis  
1/2/2017   5 comments
Xura's recently-announced acquisitions will allow its customers to manage "exponential traffic growth" from Internet of Things and 5G applications.
How Many Enterprises Capture Data for IoT Purposes? More Than You’d Think.
News Analysis  
12/30/2016   26 comments
The Internet of Things is gaining mindshare among enterprises with 71% of them reporting that they’re gating data for IoT initiatives today. That’s according to the latest Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things (IoT) Organizational Dynamics survey by 451 Research.
TDK Eyes Up IvenSense for $1.3bn to Advance IoT Sensor Technology
News Analysis  
12/28/2016   9 comments
Japanese electronics manufacturer TDK is considering acquiring U.S. chip maker IvenSense for $1.3 billion, to strengthen its sensors offering.
Mobile Operator IoT Revenues Reach Milestone, Says Berg Insight
News Analysis  
12/27/2016   16 comments
Mobile operator revenues from IoT reached $11.56 billion in 2016, while a handful of operator groups will generate more than $1 billion each next year.
eleven-x Launches Canada's First Carrier-Grade LPWA Network for IoT
News Analysis  
12/26/2016   4 comments
A startup founded by a pair of Blackberry developers has launched Canada’s first carrier-grade low power wide area network for the IoT.
Google's New Android Operating System for Building IoT-Connected Devices
News Analysis  
12/23/2016   10 comments
Google has launched a new Android operating system for building IoT-connected devices.
IoT Forecasts for 2017: Telecoms, 5G, Networks, Regulation & More
News Analysis  
12/21/2016   7 comments
Analysys Mason predicts the IoT activity expected in 2017 for Telecoms, 5G, Networks, Spectrum, Regulation, Connected Cars, Smart Energy and Smart Cities.
Best Practice for Designing & Maintaining Smart Cities
News Analysis  
12/20/2016   13 comments
Design-led decisions, frictionless citizen experiences, experience-led technology and a holistic view for wholesome living are integral to building and nurturing smart cities.
Liat Ben-Zur Calls on Consumers to Champion Connected Healthcare
News Analysis  
12/14/2016   16 comments
Philips executive believes that any future success of the IoT will revolve around the consumer being the actual hero and not the technology, especially in the case of healthcare.
Who Will Save Us When the Bots Take Control?
News Analysis  
12/14/2016   10 comments
As the IoT grows the vulnerability of its devices grows too, with larger DDoS attacks becoming increasingly likely. Luckily, there's a solution in place meaning these devices do not need to be recalled.
Aruba Revamps Company Strategy to Address IoT Security Worries
News Analysis  
12/13/2016   12 comments
HPE-owned Aruba Networks rolls out new solutions, partnerships and infrastructure to ensure that its IoT strategy properly addresses security.
IoT 'Energy Cloud' Makes Energy Industry Quicker & More Reliable
News Analysis  
12/13/2016   3 comments
The rapid adoption of Internet-connected devices supports a new digital foundation for the energy industry, streamlining operations and enhancing reliability.
Wearable Device Market in Dire Need of a Tune-Up
News Analysis  
12/9/2016   27 comments
When it comes to connected devices, the wearables market has been sputtering a bit lately. Just this week, Fitbit announced that it acquired assets of Pebble Technology...
Restaurants Turn to IoT to Improve Operations & Enhance Food Safety
News Analysis  
12/8/2016   15 comments
An increasing number of restaurants are becoming connected to help ensure customer safety and protect their brand, as demonstrated by VeriSolutions and AT&T.
Software AG Acquires Zementis for Next Generation of IoT Applications
News Analysis  
12/7/2016   2 comments
Deal builds on existing relationship between the two companies.
IoT to Prompt Rapid Growth in Global Sensors Market – Study
News Analysis  
12/6/2016   7 comments
Frost & Sullivan report predicts that global sensors market will generate $162.36 billion in 2019.
Asavie Achieves IoT Competency Status in AWS Partner Network
News Analysis  
12/5/2016   6 comments
Dublin-based provider of next-generation enterprise mobility and Internet of Things connectivity solutions makes the grade.
Eseye & AWS Launch 'Breakthrough' in IoT Security
News Analysis  
12/5/2016   4 comments
Eseye has announced an advance in Internet of Things security with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Swiss & Chinese Firms Team Up to Fight Massive DDoS Attacks
News Analysis  
12/5/2016   2 comments
Swiss-based cybersecurity company WISeKey and China-based Feitian Technologies have teamed up to provide combined offerings to secure Internet of Things devices.
Researchers Achieve Breakthrough for Health Diagnosis via IoT
News Analysis  
12/5/2016   4 comments
Researchers have developed health-monitoring electrodes that can be mounted on Internet of Things devices.
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