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The Future of Smart Buildings, Smart Building Technology & IoT
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The Smart Buildings market is on the cusp of massive growth. Download your FREE slide deck for insights on:
  • Opportunities & setbacks the Smart Buildings market will experience in 2017
  • Which companies should take advantage of these opportunities, but haven't
  • What Smart Building capabilities potential purchasers value most
  • Why Asia is well placed to dominate this market
IoT in the Automotive World
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IoT is a game changer for the automotive world. In order to successfully use IoT data, the automotive industry will greatly benefit from an enterprise-grade, big data framework. This will enable seamless migration from the small data methods of the past to a larger world, where data from connected vehicles and devices are used to drive new services and products to the motoring world.
Smart Lighting: The Gateway to a Smarter City
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A smart lighting network is your gateway to a smarter city, with real-time insights to achieve greater control. Learn how to conserve energy, manage assets and reduce maintenance costs – all while enhancing safety and maximizing revenue.
The World’s Top 10 Smart City Projects
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Companies and local authorities are harnessing technology to make our cities smarter, safer and more efficient worldwide. Ahead of the Smart Cities Summit in Boston this December, IoT World News takes a deep dive into ten of the best smart city projects going right now.
Securing the IoT Ecosystem
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In partnership with this year’s IoT Security Summit, IoT World News brings you Securing the IoT ecosystem - our first exclusive industry insights report for IoT security.
Smart Delta: A Secure Over-The-Air (OTA) Technology for Remote Management of IoT Solutions
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The white paper discusses an Over-The-Air technology (OTA) that produces a 10-fold reduction in size when updating a software payload to an IoT device within a smart city, smart building, infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer wearable, or a healthcare setting. The paper addresses use of in-house OTA solutions, references security considerations, and outlines industry examples to underscore the remote management considerations in IoT.
How the Internet of Things Will Transform the Future of Industries
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In 2016, there’s no doubting the size, scale or impact the IoT will have on industries and businesses around the globe. 44% of companies are incorporating IoT into their business plans, which raises the question: what are the remaining 56% doing?

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What is Blockchain? How can we solve IoT's cybersecurity issues? Can Blockchain help to make the internet of things secure?
Scott Amyx points to key industrial IoT case studies to watch out for in 2017, and explains why new environments spell new challenges for the IIoT this year.
The global IT, BPM and consulting company Wipro has announced that it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the "global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the industrial internet of things (IIoT)".
The internet of things market is growing exponentially, in value as well as size, and the value of the smart building market is growing in tandem. How can companies on the buy and sell sides take advantage?
D-day has arrived. How kind will Donald Trump's presidency be to smart cities in the United States? And will his presidency impact urban IoT that's further afield?
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May 16-18, 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center
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June 13-15, 2017, ExCeL, London
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Wilhelm Nehring, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK, talks through his favorite applications of IoT in buildings and cities with IoT World News.
David Holecek, Director of Connected Products & Services at Volvo Car Group , speaks with IoT World News on Volvo's moves in the connected car ...
Liat Ben-Zur, SVP and digital technology leader at Philips, describes the plethora of ways IoT will be used to transform healthcare via hospitals, ...
Richard Corbridge, CIO at Health Service Executive, explains how IoT is already impacting digital healthcare in Ireland and where he sees the ...
Mimmis Cleeren, Global Director of marketing (IoT BU) at MediaTek, covers some of the special IoT projects that have emerged from MediaTek's ...
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
1:00 p.m. EST

Identifying and solving the practical security challenges encountered by businesses embarking on an Internet of Things deployment.

Realizing your company's IoT vision starts with connecting and securing your infrastructure. IoT infrastructures require organizations to collect and transmit commands and data from devices, applications and people -- securing all of this is a sizeable challenge.

Our expert panelists will identify and solve the key issues that arise during this process, enabling a safe and steady beginning to your organization's IoT journey.

The webinar will cover:

  • Identity Issuance: Security at Scale
  • Identity Management: Authentication and Authorization
  • Identity and Data Security: Data Integrity and Granular Policy Definition

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to ensure that data is only accessed by authorized devices, applications and users in an IoT setting
  • Methods for transmitting data from devices in the field to value engines securely and efficiently
  • Best practice for implementing tried-and-trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguarding data flow across your company's entire infrastructure
  • How to create a holistic and protected IoT ecosystem for your company

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