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Maximizing Returns on an Internet of Things Investment
News Analysis  
2/21/2017   2 comments
Covering the critical components required in an IoT service that will deliver consistently at enterprise level.
Bridging the IoT Reality Gap: Digital Solutions for Analog Problems
News Analysis  
2/20/2017   18 comments
In order to bridge this gap, it’s paramount to understand how the technology can address specific problems in vertical industries.
When Will the Industrial Internet of Things Floodgates Open?
Jeremy Coward  
2/14/2017   9 comments
Scott Amyx points to key industrial IoT case studies to watch out for in 2017, and explains why new environments spell new challenges for the IIoT this year.
Security Challenges for Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things
News Analysis  
2/7/2017   15 comments
Bridging the chasm between IT and industrial operations’ security paradigms.
Where is the Internet of Things Headed in 2017?
News Analysis  
2/3/2017   14 comments
Taking a look at some of the trends that are anticipated to both boost and hamper IoT in its efforts to make "things" work better.
Security is the Missing Factor in Embedded Devices
News Analysis  
2/1/2017   6 comments
Specialized devices need specialized security -- and traditional solutions simply don’t cut it to keep industrial and critical embedded devices safe from attack.
The Value Chain is Evolving for Connected-Home Companies
News Analysis  
1/31/2017   9 comments
Connected-home companies are going through transformational growing pains from an unexpected source -- smartphone control. How should they adapt?
The Future of Smart Buildings, Smart Building Technology & IoT
Jeremy Coward  
1/24/2017   49 comments
The internet of things market is growing exponentially, in value as well as size, and the value of the smart building market is growing in tandem. How can companies on the buy and sell sides take advantage?
How Can Manufacturers Break into the Smart Home Market?
News Analysis  
1/23/2017   14 comments
The market for all-encompassing, easy-to-use smart home applications is steadily growing. Are enough manufacturers taking advantage?
Powering the Sharing Economy to Transform Lives
Jeremy Coward  
1/17/2017   20 comments
ZipCar, Lyft, Grab and the Prime Minister's Office of Singapore discuss the sharing economy and its role in the development of smart cities.
BeyondTrust Unveils Enterprise IoT Vulnerability Scanner
News Analysis  
1/12/2017   7 comments
Cybersecurity company BeyondTrust has introduced its new RIoT Scanner aimed at identifying devices that are susceptible to a compromise and could lead to an attack.
It's Past Time That Companies Planned for IoT's Impact
News Analysis  
1/4/2017   13 comments
The IoT will change everything. Every entrepreneur should already have been considering the implications – if you haven't, now's the time to start.
IoT to Kick-Start Digital Development for Irish Healthcare, Says HSE
Video Interviews  
1/4/2017   3 comments
Richard Corbridge, CIO at Health Service Executive, explains how IoT is already impacting digital healthcare in Ireland and where he sees the industry heading.
How Many Enterprises Capture Data for IoT Purposes? More Than You’d Think.
News Analysis  
12/30/2016   26 comments
The Internet of Things is gaining mindshare among enterprises with 71% of them reporting that they’re gating data for IoT initiatives today. That’s according to the latest Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things (IoT) Organizational Dynamics survey by 451 Research.
TDK Eyes Up IvenSense for $1.3bn to Advance IoT Sensor Technology
News Analysis  
12/28/2016   8 comments
Japanese electronics manufacturer TDK is considering acquiring U.S. chip maker IvenSense for $1.3 billion, to strengthen its sensors offering.
IoT Forecasts for 2017: Telecoms, 5G, Networks, Regulation & More
News Analysis  
12/21/2016   7 comments
Analysys Mason predicts the IoT activity expected in 2017 for Telecoms, 5G, Networks, Spectrum, Regulation, Connected Cars, Smart Energy and Smart Cities.
Connected Devices to Top 46 Billion in Just 5 Years' Time
Craig Galbraith  
12/15/2016   69 comments
Connected devices are on the march but there are technical issues to address, says Juniper Research.
Who Will Save Us When the Bots Take Control?
News Analysis  
12/14/2016   10 comments
As the IoT grows the vulnerability of its devices grows too, with larger DDoS attacks becoming increasingly likely. Luckily, there's a solution in place meaning these devices do not need to be recalled.
Aruba Revamps Company Strategy to Address IoT Security Worries
News Analysis  
12/13/2016   11 comments
HPE-owned Aruba Networks rolls out new solutions, partnerships and infrastructure to ensure that its IoT strategy properly addresses security.
Restaurants Turn to IoT to Improve Operations & Enhance Food Safety
News Analysis  
12/8/2016   15 comments
An increasing number of restaurants are becoming connected to help ensure customer safety and protect their brand, as demonstrated by VeriSolutions and AT&T.
IBM Devotes More Resources to IoT Transformation
News Analysis  
12/2/2016   3 comments
IBM has announced new services to hep enterprise clients, startups and developers explore Internet of Things innovations.
Visibility, Automation & Orchestration: 3 Key Capabilities for IoT Security
News Analysis  
11/30/2016   3 comments
V.A.O. (visibility, automation and orchestration) are three crucial capabilities organizations need to develop to ensure secure practices within the IoT ecosystem.
Verizon to Offer IoT Fast Track Services in Early 2017
News Analysis  
11/24/2016   22 comments
The service will connect small business owners interested in IoT ventures with Verizon consultants.
Verizon IoT Business Set to Surpass $1bn
News Analysis  
11/24/2016   14 comments
Verizon said it was going to double down on IoT – and the move seems to be paying dividends.
1 Trillion Connected Devices & Insights to Match: IoT's Leaders Step Forward at Internet of Things World
Jeremy Coward  
11/21/2016   15 comments
Key takeaways from the keynotes of day one at Internet of Things World 2016 in Europe.
4 Women Making a Big Difference in the World of IoT
Jeremy Coward  
11/18/2016   26 comments
The Internet of Things suffers from a gender imbalance. What can be done about it?
Libelium IoT Platform Powers US Smart Cities With LoRaWAN & Sigfox
Buffy Naylor  
11/14/2016   5 comments
Libelium announces it has added LoRaWAN and Sigfox wireless connectivity for North America to a smart water project in San Francisco and a smart environment project in Colorado.
Rise of the Internet of the Patient
News Analysis  
11/11/2016   4 comments
The biggest revolution in 21st century healthcare has been digital transformation assisted by smart, connected devices, also known as the Internet of the Patient.
How Maersk Line Uses IoT to Stay Cool on the High Seas
News Analysis  
11/4/2016   2 comments
Ahead of her keynote at IoT World in Dublin later this November, Maersk Line's Catja Hjorth Rasmussen talks about how the company uses IoT to keep things cool on the high seas.
Qualcomm/NXP Semiconductors to Create IoT Powerhouse
News Analysis  
11/4/2016   1 comment
Qualcomm, a global provider of 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, is expanding its footprint across key growth opportunities including the IoT by acquiring NXP Semiconductors.
Blockchain's Role in IoT Security, According to
Video Interviews  
11/3/2016   1 comment
Judd Bagley explains the advantages and drawbacks of blockchain and its viability as a cybersecurity solution at the IoT Security Summit 2016.
The Future of Blockchain, According to Blockbridge Advisory
Video Interviews  
11/2/2016   Post a comment
Susan Poole discusses opportunities for blockchain and her Blockchain 360 session at the IoT Security Summit 2016.
IoT Providing 'Path of Least Resistance' for Hackers, Says Report
News Analysis  
10/31/2016   4 comments
New research highlights common enterprise IoT devices that are hackable within a matter of minutes.
IoT Monitoring Devices in Healthcare Are in Good Shape
News Analysis  
10/31/2016   18 comments
An IoT special report on health and fitness IoT Devices 2016 from Mobile Experts LLC paints a bright picture for wearable technology for medical applications.
IoT Security Summit: Adopt, Adapt, Develop
News Analysis  
10/27/2016   10 comments
Healthcare and government funding of IoT security companies were two key focuses at the first day of the IoT Security Summit 2016.
Rising Demand for Connected Devices to Drive IoT Growth Through 2021
News Analysis  
10/26/2016   32 comments
The Internet of Things is confounding the naysayers by living up to its hype as increasing standard of living fuels growing demand for smarter devices, systems and equipment.
IoT to the 'Extreme': Survey Reveals Top Uses, Security Concerns
News Analysis  
10/26/2016   14 comments
Research from Extreme Networks finds many businesses from a variety of industries are on the verge of implementing IoT, despite prominent security concerns.
Smart Homes Will Soon Be Ubiquitous & Xfinity Will Lead the Charge
Jeremy Coward  
10/25/2016   2 comments
Jeremy Coward discusses Xfinity's smart home aspirations and the current state of the market with Anoop Mohan, VP of products at Xfinity Home.
Virgin Active's CIO Talks Voice Control, Data & IoT in Health & Fitness
Jeremy Coward  
10/24/2016   6 comments
The head of technology and digital strategy for the largest international gym chain in the world talks to IoT World News about IoT's future in health and fitness, and the role it will play for Virgin Active specifically.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Says IoT Is Key to Strategy
News Analysis  
10/21/2016   8 comments
HPE CEO Meg Whitman says her company is moving towards a 'new technological landscape' following its split from HP Inc.
Nutonian & Autodesk Partner to Offer IoT Analytics
News Analysis  
10/21/2016   1 comment
Machine intelligence company Nutonian is partnering with Autodesk, a design software and services provider.
IoT: Where We're At & Where We're Going
Steve Bell  
10/19/2016   7 comments
A view from the Bell Tower -- assessing the current state of IoT and taking a bold look at the next 12 months.
PlumChoice Receives Capital Infusion to Capture New IoT Market Opportunities
News Analysis  
10/18/2016   2 comments
PlumChoice has received new investor funding to accelerate its growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services markets.
AT&T Is Going Deeper Into the Internet of Things Game
News Analysis  
10/18/2016   2 comments
AT&T partners with Amazon Web Services and lays out plans to take advantage of future IoT opportunities.
IoT Security Is Not a Technological Challenge – It's an Economic One
Jeremy Coward  
10/17/2016   4 comments
Praetorian's Paul Jauregui talks penetration testing and the issues of negative perceptions concerning IoT security.
Dell Looks to Make Waves in IoT
News Analysis  
10/13/2016   7 comments
For IoT, the new-look Dell is hoping that integrators, technology partners and its new expanded in-house capabilities will cement its position as an innovator.
IoT World News: Relaunched & Revitalized!
Jeremy Coward  
10/12/2016   6 comments
Find out what the new-and-improved IoT World News online community can do to help you get ahead in our industry.
IoT: Islands of Things!
Dan Jones  
10/10/2016   32 comments
There's no one size fits all for IoT, but today there are arguably way too many choices associated with getting projects off the ground in this nascent market.
How CSPs Can Play a Key Role in the IoT Ecosystem
Video Interviews  
10/7/2016   3 comments
Richard Mahony, Director Research & Analysis, Ovum Telecoms, talks about how communications service providers can play a significant role in helping enterprises build new business opportunities.
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Scott Amyx points to key industrial IoT case studies to watch out for in 2017, and explains why new environments spell new challenges for the IIoT this year.
The global IT, BPM and consulting company Wipro has announced that it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the "global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the industrial internet of things (IIoT)".
The internet of things market is growing exponentially, in value as well as size, and the value of the smart building market is growing in tandem. How can companies on the buy and sell sides take advantage?
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
1:00 p.m. EST

Identifying and solving the practical security challenges encountered by businesses embarking on an Internet of Things deployment.

Realizing your company's IoT vision starts with connecting and securing your infrastructure. IoT infrastructures require organizations to collect and transmit commands and data from devices, applications and people -- securing all of this is a sizeable challenge.

Our expert panelists will identify and solve the key issues that arise during this process, enabling a safe and steady beginning to your organization's IoT journey.

The webinar will cover:

  • Identity Issuance: Security at Scale
  • Identity Management: Authentication and Authorization
  • Identity and Data Security: Data Integrity and Granular Policy Definition

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to ensure that data is only accessed by authorized devices, applications and users in an IoT setting
  • Methods for transmitting data from devices in the field to value engines securely and efficiently
  • Best practice for implementing tried-and-trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguarding data flow across your company's entire infrastructure
  • How to create a holistic and protected IoT ecosystem for your company

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