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Shell Boosts Its Business by Drilling for Data Like Never Before
Jeremy Coward  
4/24/2017   10 comments
Deep drilling is more crucial to Royal Dutch Shell than ever – except now much of the precious resource they're after is digital. Shell IT CTO Johan Krebbers tells us how IoT is essential for capturing data, but is otherwise a relatively small part of their overall digitalization agenda, in this exclusive interview.
Artificial Intelligence is Unshackling DHL's Supply Chain Potential
Jeremy Coward  
4/18/2017   48 comments
When logistics improves, all industries benefit. DHL Supply Chain's CIO explains to us how AI and IoT are changing the game for his company, its partners and its competitors.
Design Challenges Faced by Today's IoT Medical Devices
News Analysis  
4/7/2017   31 comments
A new breed of connected medical devices that make personal healthcare easy and reliable come hand-in-hand with design challenges IoT product manufacturers will need to overcome.
IoT's Next Generation: Where Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Meet
Jeremy Coward  
4/5/2017   48 comments
Our next webinar features IoT's market leaders sharing their views on how enterprises and industries will be leveraging the next generation of IoT capabilities – spanning machine learning, predictive analytics and more – and what the outcomes will be.
Inside IBM Watson's Munich HQ: The World's Foremost Industrial IoT Playground
Jeremy Coward  
3/28/2017   43 comments
Nicola Villa is an IBM veteran who currently fills two job roles for the tech behemoth. Ahead of June's Internet of Things World Europe conference, he talked IoT World News through IBM's Bavarian-based IoT playground.
The Construction Industry’s Future Efficiency is Reliant on IoT
News Analysis  
3/20/2017   8 comments
Bosch IoT head Eli Share explains why construction industry is primed to become the next big thing for IoT service providers & applications.
How Silicon Valley Brought IoT to Super Bowl 50
News Analysis  
3/14/2017   42 comments
CEO Keith Bruce describes how Silicon Valley's biggest players - including Uber, Apply, Visa and Facebook - collaborated to create the most technologically advanced Super Bowl in history.
How Supply Chains Innovate to Keep Pace in a Digitised World
News Analysis  
3/13/2017   16 comments
See how DHL and similar companies are transforming their supply chains to benefit the end-user, courtesy of the IoT.
Edge Analytics: A New Frontier for the IoT
News Analysis  
3/3/2017   12 comments
Edge analytics is quickly chaining the model of how IoT functions, easing data overload by determining which information requires further action.
Bosch Could Be Eliminating Industrial Mistakes in 2-3 Years via IoT
Jeremy Coward  
2/28/2017   24 comments
Industrial internet leader Bosch tells us about the IoT power tool products their working on & how long until these solutions hit the mass-market.
Bridging the IoT Reality Gap: Digital Solutions for Analog Problems
News Analysis  
2/20/2017   34 comments
In order to bridge this gap, it’s paramount to understand how the technology can address specific problems in vertical industries.
Machine Learning is Essential for IoT Security, But Can't Do It Alone
News Analysis  
2/1/2017   10 comments
Machine learning has a critical place in protecting our future IoT devices but cannot answer for every security challenge.
The Future of Smart Buildings, Smart Building Technology & IoT
Jeremy Coward  
1/24/2017   49 comments
The internet of things market is growing exponentially, in value as well as size, and the value of the smart building market is growing in tandem. How can companies on the buy and sell sides take advantage?
Bank of New York on the State of Internet of Things Data | Kumar Srivastava
Video Interviews  
12/30/2016   8 comments
Kumar Srivastava - VP for Products and Strategy at the Bank of New York - assesses how good companies are at using IoT data and pinpoints where they need to improve.
How Many Enterprises Capture Data for IoT Purposes? More Than You’d Think.
News Analysis  
12/30/2016   26 comments
The Internet of Things is gaining mindshare among enterprises with 71% of them reporting that they’re gating data for IoT initiatives today. That’s according to the latest Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things (IoT) Organizational Dynamics survey by 451 Research.
Liat Ben-Zur Calls on Consumers to Champion Connected Healthcare
News Analysis  
12/14/2016   16 comments
Philips executive believes that any future success of the IoT will revolve around the consumer being the actual hero and not the technology, especially in the case of healthcare.
IoT 'Energy Cloud' Makes Energy Industry Quicker & More Reliable
News Analysis  
12/13/2016   3 comments
The rapid adoption of Internet-connected devices supports a new digital foundation for the energy industry, streamlining operations and enhancing reliability.
Restaurants Turn to IoT to Improve Operations & Enhance Food Safety
News Analysis  
12/8/2016   15 comments
An increasing number of restaurants are becoming connected to help ensure customer safety and protect their brand, as demonstrated by VeriSolutions and AT&T.
Software AG Acquires Zementis for Next Generation of IoT Applications
News Analysis  
12/7/2016   2 comments
Deal builds on existing relationship between the two companies.
IoT to Prompt Rapid Growth in Global Sensors Market – Study
News Analysis  
12/6/2016   7 comments
Frost & Sullivan report predicts that global sensors market will generate $162.36 billion in 2019.
IBM Devotes More Resources to IoT Transformation
News Analysis  
12/2/2016   3 comments
IBM has announced new services to hep enterprise clients, startups and developers explore Internet of Things innovations.
1 Trillion Connected Devices & Insights to Match: IoT's Leaders Step Forward at Internet of Things World
Jeremy Coward  
11/21/2016   15 comments
Key takeaways from the keynotes of day one at Internet of Things World 2016 in Europe.
Smart Home Summit: AI-Enabled Hubs Point Way to Mass Market
News Analysis  
11/21/2016   18 comments
Delegates at the Smart Home Summit heard that the sector is changing rapidly to include other innovative technologies such as computer vision and AI.
Waste Not, Want Not: Using IoT & Cognitive Tools to Save Our Planet
News Analysis  
11/19/2016   2 comments
It is no secret that our society is pretty wasteful, with an approximate $1 trillion in produced crops annually lost at post-harvest level. Here's how IoT can help solve the world's future food crisis.
Gartner: IoT Technologies Will Transform Cities Globally
News Analysis  
11/14/2016   21 comments
Climate change, resilience and sustainability will be key objectives among smart cities in the coming years, according to Gartner's smart city predictions.
Nokia 'Playbook' Provides Guidance for Smart City Journey
News Analysis  
11/14/2016   4 comments
Navigating a smart city strategy can be a daunting process, with lots of choices to be made and no clear path to success. Nokia plans to change this with the release of its Smart Cities Playbook.
Rise of the Internet of the Patient
News Analysis  
11/11/2016   4 comments
The biggest revolution in 21st century healthcare has been digital transformation assisted by smart, connected devices, also known as the Internet of the Patient.
Is Boston the World's Most Citizen-Centric Smart City?
Jeremy Coward  
11/7/2016   6 comments
Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO for the City of Boston, tells Jeremy Coward how Boston is pushing the envelope when it comes to citizen-centric Smart City projects.
Smart City Lessons From Western Australia
Jeremy Coward  
11/4/2016   2 comments
Perth is embracing intelligent infrastructure and rolling out a number of high-tech programs. We caught up with John Atkins at the Government of Western Australia to discover what other citizens could learn from his work and the work of his colleagues.
How Can We Smarten Up Children's Hospitals? Ask Alder Hey
News Analysis  
11/4/2016   6 comments
Ahead of his appearance at IoT World in Dublin later this November, Dr. Iain Hennessey discusses the creative innovations that Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the UK is pioneering. The benefits, he said, will be grand.
2017 IoT Predictions: More Innovation, More Large-Scale Security Breaches
News Analysis  
11/4/2016   7 comments
'Forrester's Predictions 2017: Security and Skills Will Temper Growth of IoT' report says IoT holds the promise to enhance customer relationships and help drive business growth, but brings multifaceted complexity.
IoT Monitoring Devices in Healthcare Are in Good Shape
News Analysis  
10/31/2016   18 comments
An IoT special report on health and fitness IoT Devices 2016 from Mobile Experts LLC paints a bright picture for wearable technology for medical applications.
IoT to the 'Extreme': Survey Reveals Top Uses, Security Concerns
News Analysis  
10/26/2016   14 comments
Research from Extreme Networks finds many businesses from a variety of industries are on the verge of implementing IoT, despite prominent security concerns.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Says IoT Is Key to Strategy
News Analysis  
10/21/2016   8 comments
HPE CEO Meg Whitman says her company is moving towards a 'new technological landscape' following its split from HP Inc.
Software AG-Robert Bosch Partnership Strengthens IoT in Germany
News Analysis  
10/21/2016   Post a comment
A beneficial new partnership between a pair of Germany-based companies making waves in the Internet of Things.
Nutonian & Autodesk Partner to Offer IoT Analytics
News Analysis  
10/21/2016   1 comment
Machine intelligence company Nutonian is partnering with Autodesk, a design software and services provider.
IoT: Where We're At & Where We're Going
Steve Bell  
10/19/2016   7 comments
A view from the Bell Tower -- assessing the current state of IoT and taking a bold look at the next 12 months.
ViaWest: Secure, Accurate Data Crucial to Effective IoT
News Analysis  
10/18/2016   1 comment
IoT data helps organisations predict natural disasters such as earthquakes and more!
Dell Looks to Make Waves in IoT
News Analysis  
10/13/2016   7 comments
For IoT, the new-look Dell is hoping that integrators, technology partners and its new expanded in-house capabilities will cement its position as an innovator.
IoT World News: Relaunched & Revitalized!
Jeremy Coward  
10/12/2016   6 comments
Find out what the new-and-improved IoT World News online community can do to help you get ahead in our industry.
Visibility Is Key to IoT Security
News Analysis  
10/10/2016   2 comments
If you can't see a cyber vulnerability problem, you can't address it, as ZingBox demonstrates.
IoT: Islands of Things!
Dan Jones  
10/10/2016   32 comments
There's no one size fits all for IoT, but today there are arguably way too many choices associated with getting projects off the ground in this nascent market.
IoT Means The Olympics Will Never Be The Same Again
News Analysis  
8/24/2016   Post a comment
OIES Consulting founder Francisco Maroto reviews the use of tech in the Rio Olympic games this year and looks ahead to how IoT might be utilised for Tokyo 2020.

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Deep drilling is more crucial to Royal Dutch Shell than ever – except now much of the precious resource they're after is digital. Shell IT CTO Johan Krebbers tells us how IoT is essential for capturing data, but is otherwise a relatively small part of their overall digitalization agenda, in this exclusive interview.
The route to super-connected events, virtual reality stores and 100% mobility across entire populations are all now in reaching distance thanks to the internet of things.
When logistics improves, all industries benefit. DHL Supply Chain's CIO explains to us how AI and IoT are changing the game for his company, its partners and its competitors.
When Europe's smart city prowess is discussed, Russia is frequently overlooked - very unfairly, as our interview with the head of Moscow's smart city lab shows.
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