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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 1/24/2017
The internet of things market is growing exponentially, in value as well as size, and the value of the smart building market is growing in tandem.
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Cees Links, General Manager - Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Qorvo, , 1/23/2017
The big picture The smart home market is in a period of flux in response to changing customer demands. Many market reports have established that customers do indeed want the advantages of smart home, but they are not all that interested in a collection of standalone connected things. Instead, they want smart services that address their needs and ...
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 1/20/2017
The months since we at IoT World News made our claims that Donald Trump's presidency does not bode well for the United States have been even more fraught with scandal and controversy than was expected -- and a lot was expected, considering the platform the incoming president ran on, along with his personal and business history.
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Heather McKensie, Contributor, IoT World News, , 1/18/2017
Having initially viewed virtual currencies with deep suspicion, the financial industry is now seriously investigating the potential of the underlying blockchain, or distributed ledger technologies.
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Jeremy Coward, Senior Editor, IoT World News, 1/17/2017
To say plenty happened at CES 2017 that's likely to impact the future of IoT would be an understatement, with early January's headlines dominated by autonomous vehicles, analytical beds and robots of all shapes and sizes.
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Cory Sorice, VP - Marketing, Connected Products & eCommerce, The Chamberlain Group, , 1/16/2017
Apple just rolled out the most widely distributed home automation system the world has ever seen with its iOS 10 release, but did you even notice? Google is further maturing its Internet of Things platform and home automation protocol, but what does this mean for homeowners? Along the way, Amazon's Echo and Alexa has added millions of new customers this ...
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Craig Galbraith, Contributing Writer, 1/16/2017
Engineers and scientists in the U.S. have a new asset to help make advancements in the application of industrial IoT technology.
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Edward Gately, Contributing Editor, Channel Partners Online, 1/13/2017
The number of connected vending machines globally will reach 3.6 million units by 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.7 percent, according to a new market report from Berg Insight.
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Edward Gately, Contributing Editor, Channel Partners Online, 1/12/2017
Cybersecurity company BeyondTrust has introduced its new Retina Internet of Things (RIoT) Scanner aimed at identifying devices that are susceptible to a compromise and could lead to an attack.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
11:30AM EST

From smart crockpots to connected toothbrushes, it seems that home automation has the potential to be built into anything.But with consumer enthusiasm for the smart home showing signs of lagging, should it be done? Is there significant value there, for enterprise or end-user?

Renee Niemi from Logitech describes the state of the smart home, where the industry is headed, where the value lies and how companies can get ahead of the curve to reap significant rewards.

This webinar previews the thought leadership that will be shared at the Smart Home Summit in Palo Alto this November. Register with code "webinar10" to secure a 10% discount on every ticket you purchase.

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